It would be a privilege to join you on your healing journey.


treatments are for therapeutic & wellness purposes



We will work together to create a treatment that will fit your needs that day and long term goals. In all of my work I strive to find a balance of therapeutic and relaxation techniques.

The "no pain no gain" philosophy is not one I adhere to in my practice. If we are able to create a space where our nervous system is able to access the parasympathetic, or rest & digest state, we are able to tap into our bodies natural ability to heal.

My specializations are all informed by working with the myofascial system. This is true if I am using my feet or my hands to work. Myofascial modalities are largely characterized by slowly working with your body to release stubborn tension.


All massage sessions are priced by the length of the appointment:

$80 for 60min
$105 for 90min
$135 for 120min

We also can negotiate sliding scale pricing, please contact me for more information.


Referral Incentive 

Any new clients referred to me by an existing client will receive $10 off their first service.

Just be sure to include your friend's name in my "Whom may I thank for referring you?" section of my intake form

As a thanks to the referrer, they will then receive $10 off their next scheduled service.

What to Expect

I am currently available by appointment only. Please schedule online. 

My practice is located in Radical Healing, located at 2009 Chapel Hill Road. My office is on the second floor*, be sure to get the keypad code from me before your appointment.

Your sessions will include an additional 15-30 minutes for intake and assessment conversations. Once your appointment is scheduled I will send you all the paperwork and information you need.

Payment is due in full at the time of your appointment. Change or cancellation of your appointment must be made a minimum of 24hrs in advance, or you will be responsible for the full payment of the session scheduled. 

*If you have concerns involving stairs please let me know in advance so we can make accommodations while scheduling your appointment.