Durham bodywork

In addition to the work I do in private practice, I am a part of Durham Bodywork; a local business with an innovated, community based approach to accessible and effective massage treatment. I work as a clinic lead for this organization, offering guidance for the other practitioners. We offer community massage clinics on a sliding scale.

We care for our clients in 3 unique ways:

  • Personalized, clothed massage treatments which enhance comfort and ease of access in a community setting, without sacrificing effectiveness.

  • A beautiful community of care - Our team supports each other in caring for you, which means you get an exceptional treatment. Receiving care along with your neighbors reduces the cost while simultaneously providing a hard-to-describe, but palpable shared intention of healing.

  • Integrative Rest. Our signature ending to your massage helps integrate the benefits of your treatment and re-orient your body toward ease and relaxation.


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